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What is in the Fee Area

In this section are the fees that you owe to the WASRC. WASRC is going to collect fees for Clinics and Registration (i.e. Certifications and Recertification) online. These fees will be collected before you attend clinics or are registered with USSF.

Fees are coded in GREEN if you currently owe the WASRC for the clinic or registration. These are available for “Checkout”. You will be charged fees for those items when you press the Checkout button. If a fee item is not Green, it is “incomplete”, and you will not be charged for that fee item when you press the Checkout button. Fees not colored Green, are usually due to no clinic being reserved for that registration. If a fee item is not Green, moving your mouse pointer over it, will list the reason it is not chargeable.

You will not have a reservation in that clinic, until you complete checkout on the right and pay the associated fees by Credit Card or Check/Money Order.

Methods of Paying for Fees

When you press the Checkout button you will be given the option to Pay by Credit Card or Pay by Check/Money Order.

Clinic Reservations will NOT be made until you have successfully completed checkout with Check/Money order or Credit Card. Once checkout is completed a Reservation is made for you.

Pay by check/Money order is a commitment on your part to pay WASRC this amount, even if you have not yet sent in your check/money order. WSRC must receive your check/money order before the clinic or you will not be allowed to attend the clinic.

Credit card information is NOT retained by the Washington State Referee Committee for security reasons. All credit card transactions are processed using a secure (SSL) transaction to the credit card processing company.

How to Remove Fees

To remove a fee item, click on the “Remove Item” next to the fee item. If there is no Remove Item next to the fee item, it is NOT removable and you have made a commitment to pay WASRC for that item. This is usually due to a switch from a Check Payment commitment to Credit Card, where the commitment was made when checking out with Pay by Check/Money Order, and a switch to credit card does not remove the commitment to pay the fees.

Remove a clinic fee if you do not wish to attend that clinic before you click the "Check Out" button. You will then see a new list of available clinics to choose from in the Clinic Reservation box.

If you remove a USSF Registration fee, any associated clinic reservation and clinic or charges for related materials (books) fee items will also be removed.

Refund Policy for Clinics and Registration

Clinics have three (3) fees associated with them:
    1) Registration Fee – covers the cost of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) registration
    2) Clinic Fee (if any and only on SRC Sponsored events) - contributes to the SRC instructional program, such as instructor training fees.
    3) Other Fee (if any) - this is a local fee covering the cost of holding the clinic (e.g., room rental, food, etc)

All clinics have a cut-off date. This is the date you must “Remove” yourself from the clinic that you decide not to attend.

You must cancel your clinic reservation and/or your registration before the cut-off date. Refund requests must then be submitted to the WASRC office in writing (or email) within 14 days after the clinic cut-off date. If you do this your clinic and/or registration fees will be refunded in full.

If you cancel your reservation after the clinic cut-off date, WASRC will review your request and provide full, partial or no refunds based on the review.

There will be no clinic fee refunds for a person who does not show up, or does not complete a clinic he/she has signed up for. A person may request a refund for special circumstances. This request must be made in writing (or email) to the WASRC office.

A person who completes the clinic and does not pass the initial training session may apply their paid USSF/WASRC registration fee to future USSF/WASRC registration in the same badge year upon successful completion of all testing and requirements.

A person who completes the clinic and does not pass and does not wish to continue the registration process may request a refund of the USSF/WASRC registration fee. In this case, WASRC will refund the USSF registration fee only. WASRC reserves the right to charge a service fee for any refund. This service charge will not exceed $25.00. If you do not pass and do not request a refund, your Registration fee will be considered a donation to WASRC.

Registrations must be completed by June 30th of the current badge year. Registration Refunds for the current badge year will NOT be honored after June 30th. The unused registration fee will be considered a donation to WASRC.

How to Switch from a Check/Money Order Payment to Credit Card

If you have previously performed a checkout using Check/Money order a "Checks promised but not yet Received" listing will appear in the Fee items, if the check or money order has not yet been received by WASRC. If you have not mailed the check, and wish to change to a credit card payment, click on Change to Credit Card Payment. This will allow you to re-checkout using a Credit Card.

Please NOTE: A change from a previously made Check/Money order payment to a Credit Card payment, and then not completing the Credit card payment, does NOT remove your commitment to pay those fees to WASRC. However, if you fail to complete the credit card payment, your reservation in the clinic will be given up. Should you change your mind or have a problem completing the credit card payment, you may once again select Pay by Check/Money Order to re-reserve your spot in the clinic.

Further Assistance

If you need further assistance, please contact the WAReferees Admin by email waadmin@wareferees.org.