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Washington State Referee Committee

We are the official USSF affiliated soccer referee organization for the state of Washington and are responsible for the administration of the USSF National Program for Referee development, including Administration, Registration, Instruction, Assessment and Assignors within the State of Washington.

Through this site you will be able to become a referee, maintain your referee status and upgrade as a referee.  It will also provide similar support for other USSF roles (e.g. Assignors, Assessors and Instructors).

You will find everything you need to know about your status on the Member Information Page. For currently registered Officials, click LogIn on the far right of the top Menu Bar. If you want to become a Referee, click on the entry in the right sidebar, titled "How to Become a Referee."

Updated 05-01-2013

2015 Online Only Recertification

Referees not yet recertified for badge year 2015

The Washington State Referee Committee (SRC) is offering an alternative recertification process for those who have not / cannot attend one of the locally offer Recertification Clinics. This clinic is exclusively offered for LATE recertification from January 01 until June 15 and allows you to recertify without having attended a Recertification Classroom / Field session. The LATE ONLINE clinic contains additional training modules from what is seen by those attending a recert clinic and its attached online modules.

This is a totally ONLINE Recertification clinic for Grade 8, 7 and Emeritus Referees. Once the clinic has been paid for, an ONLINE LESSONS button will appear next to the clinic on your home page. Click that button to take the lessons and view lesson status. Clinic# Referee - Online Late Recert 7 & 8 & Emeritus (OO) 08-0615-RL78E-0267

You must successfully complete all lessons to complete this clinic.

The clinic has an added administrative cost of $15 in addition to normal registration costs (recertification fee and late if appropriate – referee grades 7+ @ 10%) PLEASE NOTE: Once Paid / Registered for this clinic, your registration 2015 referee fee and this clinic fee cannot be refunded. The SRC does not have staff available to administer such requests for refunds.

The SRC remains committed to wanting all recertifying referees to attend local recertification and do the associated online modules. Going forward, for 2016, this option WILL NOT be available from July 01 through December 31. Additionally, there is no implied promise that this LATE ONLINE will ever be offered again.

Jim Kritzberg - Washington State Referee Administrator
Updated 01-16-2015

New (and Immediate) Policy Change on Adult Player Passes
As of January 1st 2015 the distinction between single league and unlimited play WSASA player cards has been removed. This means any unexpired WSASA card is valid for play in ANY league or other sanctioned WSASA match. Cards that are currently marked as single league shall now be recognized as “Unlimited”.

Moving forward single league cards will no longer be issued Once all of the currently valid single league cards are renewed, the confusion should disappear. Until that point, as long as a card is currently unexpired for league play (unlimited or single) it shall be valid for any and all league play.

Thank you for your cooperation during this transition.
Washington State Adult Soccer Association
Updated 01-27-2015

2014 US Youth Soccer
National Young Female Referee of the Year
Ryan Riley

WA Youth Soccer President Tom Ament
2014 US Youth Soccer National Young Female Referee of the Year Ryan Riley
WA SYRA and 1998 US Youth Soccer National Young Male Referee of the Year Will Niccolls
Region IV Youth Soccer Referee Administrator Steve Petrakovitz

Updated 01-28-2015

2015 Region IV ODP Championships Jan. 7-11, 2015
Washington State Referee and Admin Crew

Will Niccolls, Sya Magee, Hunter France, Michael Caloger, Ryan Riley, Ryuta Sugiyama, Jim Kritzberg, Sarah Adkins

Updated 01-16-2015

USSF Lifetime Member
The Washington State Referee Committee is pleased to announce the acceptance by USSF of an outstanding individual as a Lifetime USSF Member.  Linda Velie is recognized with this honor for her contributions to soccer both within the Referee community and the Soccer community as a whole.

Linda Velie

Linda Velie has served US Soccer and Washington State for over 30 years in various capacities as Referee, Assessor, Instructor, Assignor and Administrator. Linda is widely known for her very many services & contributions throughout the State of Washington, Region IV, US Soccer and Nationally.

Linda started as a Referee in 1981 (first female as referee in a Men's Professional game), Instructor in 1985 (one of her first students was Sandra Hunt) and was designated National in 1996, Assessor in 1982, Assignor in 1996. As Administrator Linda was Washington State Director of Instruction, State Youth Referee Administrator and 10 years as Region IV Youth Referee Administrator.

Linda is one of the very few among us to be a recipient of The Golden Scarf Award from the Seattle Sounders.

For more details on Linda's Lifetime Member accomplishements and contributions, view the SRC page.

Updated 12-09-2014

2015 WYS Youth Referee of the Year

A chapter board, board member, USSF assignor, USSF instructor, or USSF assessor within the state of Washington may nominate between one and ten referees to be considered for the 2015 Youth Referee of the Year award.

The Youth Referee of Year award exists to:

  1. Promote the benefits and opportunities of soccer referees at a young age.
  2. Recognize referees under the age of 19 who participate in the Washington Youth Soccer referee program.
  3. Honor those referees for their refereeing expertise and personal accomplishments.
  4. Create a sense of community and family within the Washington referee program.
  5. Submit and promote the Washington Youth Soccer Youth Referees of the Year to the Region IV Youth Referee of the Year competition. The Region IV winners are entered into competition for the US Youth Soccer Youth Referee of the Year Award.
All application packets must be submitted on or before February 1st, 2015 via email to:  WAYouthRefereeYearAward@gmail.com. Each of the five application components may be submitted separately, but all must include the nominee's full name in the subject line. All nominees are expected to attend, at a minimum, one state cup finals academy. The SYRA will select one male and one female referee to continue onto the regional competition. Each candidate application should include:
  1. 2015 Youth Referee of the Year Nomination Form
  2. One page letter of recommendation from nominator
  3. Maximum two additional letters of recommendation (optional)
  4. One page statement by the nominee on the service and accomplishments that the referee has achieved in soccer, school, and other extra curricular activities
  5. Picture of nominee from the shoulders up.
The following are required qualifications for candidates:
  1. Risk Management Approval
  2. Candidates must be USSF registered referees
  3. Currently youth player eligible (18 or younger on 8/1/2014))
  4. Actively officiating youth soccer matches

Questions about the Washington Youth Soccer Youth Referee of the Year award can be directed towards WAYouthRefereeYearAward@gmail.com. The male and female awardees will be announced at the U12-14 Semifinal Academy (May 1-3, 2015).

Updated 12-01-2014

Referee Grade 7+

The Washington State Referee Committee has approved a new Referee Grade designation - Referee Grade 7+
So exactly what is a Referee Grade 7+?
  1. A Grade 7 Referee who has completed their current (2015) Registration or Recertification
  2. Has a current (last 12 months) passing FIFA Interval Test, such as given at the past RTS and RDA events
  3. Has a current (last 12 months) passing Maintenance Assessment
Understand - this is not an official US Soccer referee grade. It is an indicator to WASRC Technical Directors and many assignors of a referee who has put in the extra effort to stand above their peers. Effective immediately, those referees who have qualified as 7+ based on the requirement above will be shown as such on the WAReferees website. This designation will also be seen by those assignors who are using assigning software configured to recognize this designation.
So, why bother with achieving Referee Grade 7+? Right now, there is no requirement to achieve this designation for any assignments / consideration but that is likely to change very soon. You can be sure that Referees in Grades National, National Candidate, State and 7+ will be considered in most cases ahead of any Referees Grades 8 and 7. Considered, if not required, for SRC sponsored out of State events, Youth and High School championship events, etc.
Please check out the SRC Portfolio Guidelines which has more on the "selection" topic.
Updated 11-07-2014

Certification, Re-Certification,
& Upgrade Requirements

The US Soccer Referee Program has recently released new Certification, Re-Certification and Upgrade requirements for all Referee Grades.  After much study, communications with the US Soccer Referee Program office and other State Referee Committees, the Washington State Referee Committee has adopted the new requirements effective immediately for the 2014 Registration Year.  These new requirements, and any variations from the Referee Program requirements, are detailed under the Administration option of the Main Menu above.  Click Certification Requirements (updated 05-16-14) for a direct link to the page.

This video, Referee Grade Overview, focuses on explaining the different referee grades that U.S. Soccer's program has to offer and the pathway a referee may take to advance to working more competitive games.

In addition, the SRC will often review a referee's "Portfolio" when making decision on who is offered SRC sponsored training & events, assignments and travel. See this document for more information: SRC Portfolio Guidelines

Updated 11-26-2014


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