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Washington State Referee Committee

We are the official USSF affiliated soccer referee organization for the state of Washington and are responsible for the administration of the USSF National Program for Referee development, including Administration, Registration, Instruction, Assessment and Assignors within the State of Washington.

Through this site you will be able to become a referee, maintain your referee status and upgrade as a referee.  It will also provide similar support for other USSF roles (e.g. Assignors, Assessors and Instructors).

You will find everything you need to know about your status on the Member Information Page. For currently registered Officials, click LogIn on the far right of the top Menu Bar. If you want to become a Referee, click on the entry in the right sidebar, titled "How to Become a Referee."

Updated 05-01-2013

USSF Lifetime Member
Congratulations to Sandy Hunt, FIFA & World Cup Referee, FIFA & World Cup Instructor, FIFA Match Observer, CONCACAF Referee Instructor and National Assessor – Selected by US Soccer as a USSF Lifetime Member

Sandy Hunt

Details of Sandy's Lifetime Member accomplishments and contributions.

Updated 09-04-2016

Update to USSF Recertification Policy

Referees not recertified/reregistered for the next year by June 30 will not be allowed to referee until the following Jan 01 at the very soonest.

This applies to anyone who has ever been a referee at any time in the past. If a referee falls into this category, they are allowed to recertify for the next year in the period between July 01 and Dec 31 but will not be given a badge and not allowed to referee until the following Jan 01.

If you are certified for 2016, you have until June 2017 to recertify for 2017.

This restriction is based on current USSF policy and USSF provide liability insurance.

Updated 08-18-2016

2016 Regionals

WA Referees with Finals at Region IV Championships - Boise

WA Referees at Region IV Championships - Boise

Updated 06-27-2016

WA Referees at Region IV President's Cup - Denver

Fifth Annual Referee Development Academy (RDA)

The fifth annual RDA will be held on July 29-31, 2016 in Ellensburg, WA at Central Washington University. This clinic is for all referees interested in personal development and upgrade.

There are 3 clinics associated with the RDA:

  • The main clinic (08-0716-RDA-Recert($$$)-HR78E-0033 or 08-0716-No Recert($25)-0034) which is open to anyone
  • The special invitation only clinic (08-0716-RDA-Invite-0036) which is on Thursday and Friday. Inclusion in this event is determined by the SRC
  • An Grade 8 to 7 Upgrade clinic (08-0716-RDA-HU7-0032) which starts at noon on Friday

This year you may use the RDA as a 2017 recertification clinic, however, you must pay your 2017 registration fee when you sign up. If you do pay your 2017 registration fee, the SRC will waive the $25 RDA fee. If you don't want to pay your 2017 registration fee now, you may sign up for the RDA as "Supplelmental Training". You will be charged $25 to attend the RDA if you use this choice.

If you are having problems signing up for the RDA, use the "2016 RDA - How to Register" document to help.

Updated 06-10-2016

Jeff Hosking
Mexico vs Chile - International Friendly
San Diego, CA - 06/01/2016

Jeff Hosking is the AR on the left

Updated 06-10-2016

Referee Day at the Sounders
Saturday, March 19th, 2016

Once again - a morning of various field training events and stadium tours.

2015 Referee Day at the Sounders

2014 Referee Day at the Sounders

Starts at 11:00 AM, we must all leave the stadium by 3:00 PM.
Sounders play Vancouver at 7:00 PM.
Signup at www.WAReferees.org as Supplemental Training or your Recertification clinic.

Attendance to the game IS NOT REQUIRED, however discount tickets will be offered @:
Referee Day at the Sounders
Or call Gary Boyle @ (206) 512-1220

Tickets are $24 each and you are limited to a total of 6 (six)
Location is section 146 (Hawks Nest)
Promo code is CENTER2016

Updated 02-12-2016

2016 Pro Clinic

This year's Pro Clinic was held in Shorline on March 12-13. We had 127 runners, 112 passed a FIFA Interval test.

More Pictures From 2016 Pro Clinic

Updated 03-18-2016

2016 Badges

USSF has begun shipping 2016 badges. You should receive yours soon if you were recertified over 6 weeks ago. Otherwise, you should expect them 6 weeks after you recertified. You may wear your 2015 badge until your 2016 badge arrives.
Updated 1-5-2016

Jeff Hosking - 2016 FIFA Assistant Referee

Congratulations to Washington State's Jeff Hosking for his just announced appointment as a 2016 FIFA Assistant Referee!

Katja Koroleva (FIFA Referee), Jeff Hosking (FIFA Assistant Referee)                 Jeff Hosking, Sandy Hunt, Katja Koroleva

For more information see FIFA Announcement.
Updated 02-01-2016

Development Academy Winter Showcase
Lakewood Ranch, FL - Dec 02–07, 2015

Ben Oakley, Cephas Quartson, Jeff Arthurholtz and Philippe Dor
(Unable to attend Raul Sheran & Kelsey Harms)

Updated 01-05-2016

2015 State Referee Upgrade Clinic
WIAA Building, Renton, Dec. 12-13, 2015

Updated 01-05-2016

Skin Care

U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program has skin care recommendations for referees. In the interest of health and safety, U.S. Soccer’s medical and referee experts recommend that match officials practice the following skin care guidelines.

  1. Consider wearing sunscreen
  2. Consider wearing long sleeves
  3. Consider wearing a cap that meets requirements
  4. Review your skin for any changes and consult a professional if there are changes
For more details see US Soccer/WSRC Skin Care.
Updated 09-18-2015

Certification, Re-Certification,
& Upgrade Requirements

The US Soccer Referee Program has recently released new Certification, Re-Certification and Upgrade requirements for all Referee Grades. After much study, communications with the US Soccer Referee Program office and other State Referee Committees, the Washington State Referee Committee has adopted the new requirements effective immediately for the 2014 Registration Year. These new requirements, and any variations from the Referee Program requirements, are detailed under the Administration option of the Main Menu above. Click Certification Requirements (updated 09-02-2016) for a direct link to the page.

This video, Referee Grade Overview, focuses on explaining the different referee grades that U.S. Soccer's program has to offer and the pathway a referee may take to advance to working more competitive games.

In addition, the SRC will often review a referee's "Portfolio" when making decision on who is offered SRC sponsored training & events, assignments and travel. See this document for more information: SRC Portfolio Guidelines

Updated 05-29-2015