Washington State Referee Committee

We are the official USSF affiliated soccer referee organization for the state of Washington and are responsible for the administration of the USSF National Program for Referee development, including Administration, Registration, Instruction, Assessment and Assignors within the State of Washington.

Through this site you will be able to become a referee, maintain your referee status and upgrade as a referee.  It will also provide similar support for other USSF roles (e.g. Assignors, Assessors and Instructors).

You will find everything you need to know about your status on the Member Information Page. For currently registered Officials, click LogIn on the far right of the top Menu Bar. If you want to become a Referee, click on the entry in the right sidebar, titled "How to Become a Referee."


Updated 02-16-2018

Managing Referee Abuse & Assault

Soccer referee abuse and assault are very serious crimes against the sport and they continue to happen to our members. Misconduct against referees may occur before, during, and after a match — including travel to and from a match. It is critical that referees correctly identify and make a report of these incidents. Your SRC has developed two pages to assist you in recognizing and dealing with Referee Abuse and Assault.  The first page provides information on recognizing abuse and assualt and how and when to report it.  It may be viewed on the page Refereee Abuse & Assault. Guidance for how you should conduct yourself when you experience Abuse or Assault is provided on this Supplemental page.  A link is also provided in the sidebar and the right of this page.

Updated 02-28-2018

New WSASA Player Passes

Adult Soccer Referees – please be aware that the Washington State Adult Soccer Association (WSASA/WSSA) player pass has changed.
WSASA Player Pass

WSASA now issues the following types of cards:

  • WSASA Player Pass
  • WSASA Tournament Pass

Annual player passes are valid for all affiliated WSASA leagues and tournaments, including Soccerfest.

Tournament passes are valid for tournament play only, including Soccerfest.

WSASA cards are also valid for many other tournaments in and out of the state that accept State player cards.

Updated 02-16-2018

Dr. Mohammed Zarrabi-Kashani

Award Presentation at 2018 Pro Referee Clinic

The William Scofield Award is presented to an individual from the referee community that encompasses the following characteristics:

  • Thorough dedication to the art and profession of refereeing
  • Courage and will to recover from a major physical setback
  • Unparalleled treatment of fellow officials with respect and friendship

Click below to play and view Award Presentation Video

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Updated 03-06-2018

Concussion Protocol Player Development Initiatives
For Washington Youth Soccer

Washington Youth Soccer has instituted the US Soccer Concussion Protocol and Player Development Initiatives Rules of Competition for all Youth Small Sided Games (SSG-U6-U12) with modifications. These initiatives are effective immediately. To assist in the education of Washington State Referees, an online course has been created. This course has been included in the Annual Recertification lessons. However, some referees have already recertified for 2017-2018 and we encourage you to take the online course at the following link: Small Sided Games (WA)."

NOTE: These changes apply to all US Youth Soccer and US Club Soccer Small Sided Games with the following exceptions: US Club Soccer games for U11 do NOT use the Build Out Line for Offside. Offside for US Club Soccer games for both U11 and U12 are in effect from the Halfway Line.

Referees are encouraged to work with coaches before each game to determine everyone's understanding of the new rules for Small Sided Games (U6 - U12).

Updated 09-14-2017

Certification, Re-Certification,
& Upgrade Requirements

The US Soccer Referee Program has recently released new Certification, Re-Certification and Upgrade requirements for all Referee Grades. After much study, communications with the US Soccer Referee Program office and other State Referee Committees, the Washington State Referee Committee has adopted the new requirements effective immediately for the 2014 Registration Year. These new requirements, and any variations from the Referee Program requirements, are detailed under the Administration option of the Main Menu above. Click Certification Requirements (updated 09-25-2017) for a direct link to the page.

In addition, the SRC will often review a referee's "Portfolio" when making decision on who is offered SRC sponsored training & events, assignments and travel. See this document for more information: SRC Portfolio Guidelines

Updated 05-02-2017


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