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Washington State Referee Committee

We are the official USSF affiliated soccer referee organization for the state of Washington and are responsible for the administration of the USSF National Program for Referee development, including Administration, Registration, Instruction, Assessment and Assignors within the State of Washington.

Through this site you will be able to become a referee, maintain your referee status and upgrade as a referee.  It will also provide similar support for other USSF roles (e.g. Assignors, Assessors and Instructors).

You will find everything you need to know about your status on the Member Information Page. For currently registered Officials, click LogIn on the far right of the top Menu Bar. If you want to become a Referee, click on the entry in the right sidebar, titled "How to Become a Referee."

Updated 05-01-2013

Dr. Mohammed Zarrabi-Kashani

Dr. Mohammed Zarrabi-Kashani

The William Schofield Award is presented to an individual from the referee community that encompasses the following characteristics:

  • Thorough dedication to the art and profession of refereeing
  • Courage and will to recover from a major physical setback
  • Unparalleled treatment of fellow officials with respect and friendship

Recommendations are submitted to the U.S. Soccer Referee Department where the criteria for each candidate is reviewed and then selections are confirmed by the U.S. Soccer Referee Committee as appropriate.

Previous recipients:

  • Robert Singer (1990)
  • Reinhold Spath (1991)
  • George Hall (1992)
  • Robert Evans (1994)
  • Steve Oliver (1997)
  • Dennis La Versa (2000)
  • Fred Parrish (2008) (WA State)
  • Charlie Van Nederpelt (2014)
  • Jonathan Meersman (2015)
  • Mohammed Zarrabi-Kashani (2017) (WA State)

Updated 08-15-2017

Washington State Referees Officiated
Seattle Sounders vs. Eintracht Frankfurt International Friendly Game on July 8, 2017

AR2: Seth Martin (WA), 4th: Chipalo Street (WA), Center: Victor Rivas (CN), AR1: Joshua Haimes (WA)

Updated 07-12-2017

2017 Development Academy Finals
in Carson, CA

Cephas Quartson, Kelsey Harms, Jeff Arthurholtz
Seth Martin not pictured

Congratulations to the Washington Referees selected by U.S. Soccer to be among the 16 referees / AR Nationwide for the 2017 Development Academy Finals in Carson, CA

Updated 07-20-2017

2017 Development Academy Summer Showcase
in Grand Park (Indianapolis), IN

Seth Martin – Referee / AR, Christian Clerc – Referee / AR, Philippe Dor – National Coach / Mentor
Ben Oakley – Referee / AR, Sya Magee – Referee / AR, Connor Hazelwood – Referee / AR
Cephas Quartson – Referee / AR, Logan Griffis – Referee / AR, Cameron Siler – Referee / AR

Congratulations to the Washington Referees / Coach Mentor selected by U.S. Soccer to for the
2017 Development Academy Summer Showcase in Grand Park (Indianapolis), IN

Updated 07-12-2017

Washington State's New State Assessor
Dan Compton

Dan Compton

Updated 07-12-2017

2017 U.S. Youth Soccer National Championships
in Frisco (Dallas), TX

Jesus Mejia, Justin St. Pierre, Mike Hohnholz, Jesus Balbas-Hernandez
Not pictured - Chad Stewart and Luke Sabin

Congratulations to the Washington Referees Selected for 2017 U.S. Youth Soccer National Championships in Frisco (Dallas), TX

Updated 07-12-2017

Washington Referees at the 2017 Far West Region
Youth Championships in Redmond (Seattle), WA

Updated 07-12-2017

Washington Referees at the 2017 Far West Region
Youth Presidents Cup in Salt Lake City, UT

Updated 07-12-2017

Changes in the Washington State Referee Committee Board (WASRC)

Aleta Walker moves from Secretary to Director of Referee Retention & Recruitment

Cathy Echert is the new WASRC Secretary

Will Niccolls moves from State Association – Youth Representative to Director of Major Events/Initiatives

Ben Oakley moves from State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA) to State Association – Youth Representative

Dee White moves from State Director of Assignment (SDofA) to State Youth Referee Administrator (SYRA)

Joe Tompkins is the new State Director of Assignment (SDofA)

Summary – Welcome Cathy Echert and Joe Tompkins to the WASRC!

Updated 07-12-2017

State Cup Finals – Girls U15-U19

From Ben Oakley:
Proud to be ending my stint as WA SYRA with what has been an amazing project. As pictured, 37 of the 39 matches this weekend for the WYS U15-U19 girls state cup finals will be covered by all female referees. Thank you to Deleana Quan for inspiring our referees tonight. Way to go ladies, do good work!

Updated 05-25-2017

Washington State's New State Instructor
Kelsey Harms

Kelsey Harms

Updated 05-25-2017

2017 Washington State New Instructors

Michael Brown
Hunter France
Jordan Halstead
Jeffery Krueger
Jesus Moreno
Chad Stewart
Hanif Zarrabi-Kashani

Updated 05-25-2017

Update to USSF Recertification Policy

Referees not recertified/reregistered for the next year by June 15 will not be allowed to referee until the following Jan 01 at the very soonest.

This applies to anyone who has ever been a referee at any time in the past. If a referee falls into this category, they are allowed to recertify for the next year in the period between July 01 and Dec 31 but will not be given a badge and not allowed to referee until the following Jan 01.

If you are certified for 2017, you have until June 2018 to recertify for 2018.

This restriction is based on current USSF policy and USSF provide liability insurance.

Updated 05-25-2017

Certification, Re-Certification,
& Upgrade Requirements

The US Soccer Referee Program has recently released new Certification, Re-Certification and Upgrade requirements for all Referee Grades. After much study, communications with the US Soccer Referee Program office and other State Referee Committees, the Washington State Referee Committee has adopted the new requirements effective immediately for the 2014 Registration Year. These new requirements, and any variations from the Referee Program requirements, are detailed under the Administration option of the Main Menu above. Click Certification Requirements (updated 09-02-2016) for a direct link to the page.

In addition, the SRC will often review a referee's "Portfolio" when making decision on who is offered SRC sponsored training & events, assignments and travel. See this document for more information: SRC Portfolio Guidelines

Updated 05-02-2017


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