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How to Reserve a Clinic

Request the clinic you wish to attend by clicking on the "Reserve Clinic" button for that clinic. You may change the list of available clinics by selecting the Clinic Location.

Registrations in the Fee area drives which clinics types you will see in the Clinic Reservation section.

If you cannot find the clinic you wanted to attend, check the Registration Type and Grade Number to ensure it matches the Clinic Type and Grade that matches your grade or expectations.

  • If the Type or Grade is incorrect, Click REMOVE ITEM next to the USSF Registration fee in the Fee area and then specify the correct Type and Grade when the Category screen appears. If the Category screen does not appear, use the “I want to” dropdown to "Register for Clinic or Fitness Test".
  • If the Type and Grade are correct, and the clinic you wanted is not listed, it is either FULL or registration has CLOSED. You will need to select an alternate clinic.

You will not have a reservation in that clinic, until you complete checkout on the right and pay the associated fees by Check/Money Order or Credit Card.

How to Select a Different Clinic

If you have not yet checked out, and you have selected the wrong clinic, Click on the REMOVE ITEM next to the clinic fee in the Fee Items dropdown box, and then Reserve the correct clinic. If you have already done the check out, then see TRANSFER below, to change to a different clinic.

How to Use Checkout to Pay Your Pending fees

Your pending clinic fees and registration fees are noted in the Fee area box on the right. Click the "Check Out" button in the Fee area when you are ready to pay your fees and complete your reservation in the clinic. You cannot check out until you have reserved a clinic.

Paying by Check/Money Order is a commitment to attend the clinic even if you have not yet sent in the check.

How to Transfer to Another Clinic

If you have already checked out, you may transfer to another clinic by pressing the Transfer/Cancel Reservation that is next to the clinic you reserved, if the clinic cutoff date is not past.  You will then be presented with a list of similar types of available clinics. Find the one you want, and click "TRANSFER HERE".

If you are past the clinic cutoff date, the transfer option will not be available and transfers or refunds are only possible by sending a note to waadmin@wareferees.org requesting the transfer along with a valid excuse for the transfer. Failure to attend a clinic without a valid excuse will result in the loss of the clinic fee. See the Refund Policy

Further Assistance

If you need further assistance, please contact the WAReferees Admin by email waadmin@wareferees.org.