WASRC Refund Policy

Clinic Fee and/or USSF/WASRC Registration Fees

  1. All refund requests must be submitted to the WASRC office in writing (or e-mail) within 14 days of the clinic cut-off date.
  2. Clinic and Registration Fees will be refunded in full if you cancel your clinic reservation and registration prior to the cut-off date for the clinic.
  3. Attendance cancellation after the clinic cut-off date is subject to WASRC review. Full, partial or no refund(s) may or may not be granted based on review.
  4. There will be no clinic fee refunds for a person who does not show up, or does not complete a clinic you have signed up for.
  5. You may request a refund for special circumstances. This request must be made in writing/email to the WASRC office.
  6. If you complete the clinic and do not pass the initial training session, you may apply your paid USSF/WASRC registration fee to a future USSF/WASRC registration in the same badge year upon successful completion of all testing and requirements.
  7. If you complete the clinic and do not pass and do not wish to continue the registration process may request a refund of the USSF/WASRC registration fee. In this case, WASRC will refund the USSF/WASRC registration fee only. WASRC reserves the right to charge a service fee for any refund.
  8. This service charge will not exceed $25.00. If you do not pass and you do not request a refund, your Registration fee will be considered a donation to WASRC.
  9. Registrations must be completed by June 30th of the current badge year. Registration Refunds for the current badge year will NOT be honored after June 30th. The unused registration fee will be considered a donation.

Other Refunds

  1. All other refund request(s) must be made in writing (email) to the WASRC office within 30 days of the charge.
  2. WASRC will review the request and reply within 10 working days whether the request will be accepted or not. If accepted, WASRC will issue a refund set forth in its reply.
  3. Refunds of fees paid by check will experience significant delays, waiting for the original check to clear, and paperwork processing to issue a refund check. Credit card refunds will be much quicker to process.

General Refund - Service Charge

  1. WASRC reserves the right to charge a service charge for any refund issued. This charge will not exceed $25.00 in any case.
Email Address for Refund Requests: WASRC Treasurer