Your State Referee Committee

Title Name Email PrimaryPhone Term
Chair Vacant    
State Referee Administrator Jim Kritzberg Initiate mail to Jim? (509) 430-1015 08/31/2021
State Youth Referee Administrator Dee White Initiate mail to Dee? (425) 350-3413 08/31/2021
Treasurer Ken Albin Initiate mail to Ken? (509) 308-8916 08/31/2021
State Director of Instruction Leslie Poirier Initiate mail to Leslie? (425) 750-0212 08/31/2021
State Director of Assessment Wain Jackson Initiate mail to Wain? (253) 277-3201 08/31/2021
State Director of Assignment (Interim) Aleta Walker Initiate mail to Aleta? (425) 923-4960 08/31/2020
Representative of the Adult State Association Richard Meeks Initiate mail to Richard? (206) 200-8145 08/31/2021
Representative of the Youth State Association Mark Cavelero Initiate mail to Mark? (425) 338-7086 08/31/2021
Secretary Cathy Echert Initiate mail to Cathy? (206) 417-6006 08/31/2021

Non-voting Members

Title Name Email PrimaryPhone Term
Youth State Association President Dan Popp Initiate mail to Dan? (425) 766-7600  
Adult State Association President Timothy W Busch Initiate mail to Tim? (360) 755-3295  
Referee Registrar Phoebe Russell Initiate mail to Phoebe? (206) 588-6051 Appointed
Webmaster Ken Robertson Initiate mail to Ken? (206) 963-4662 Appointed
Technical Advisor Werner Henn Initiate mail to Werner? (425) 837-1602 Appointed
Arbiter Admin Vacant Initiate mail to Arbiter Admin? Appointed
Risk Management Officer Tony Richardson Initiate mail to Tony? (509) 466-3384 Appointed
Senior SRC Advisor Dr. Mohammad Zarrabi-Kashani Initiate mail to Mohammad? (425) 489-0173 Appointed
Senior SRC Advisor Sandra Hunt Initiate mail to Sandra? (360) 303-8117 Appointed
Senior SRC Advisor Cory Dean Initiate mail to Cory? (415) 309-2573 Appointed
Director of Major Events/Initiative Will Niccolls Initiate mail to Will? (206) 898-0649 Appointed
Director of Referee Retention & Recruitment Aleta Walker Initiate mail to Aleta? (425) 923-4960 Appointed
SDI – Manager of Content & Materials Tracy Ikenberry Initiate mail to Tracy? (509) 438-5377 Appointed
SDI – Manager of Fitness Tests Chuck Spaniola Initiate mail to Chuck? (256) 665-8304 Appointed
Futsal Rep Dr. Philippe Dor Initiate mail to Philippe? (408) 316-0862 Appointed
Adult Referee of the Year Christine Suter     Appointed
Young Referee of the Year (Male) Aidan Velasco     Appointed
Young Referee of the Year (Female) Jozlin Peterson Appointed

Other Contacts

West Region Referee Administrator Matt Buckman Initiate mail to Matt? (209) 985-8458 Appointed
US Soccer Pro Assignor Dave Augustavo Initiate mail to Dave? Appointed