Risk Management Administration

The Washington State Referee Committee (WASRC) has implemented background checks for all WASRC members (administrators, assignors, assessors, instructors and referees). This includes all who are age 18 or older, or turn 18, and will certify or recertify for badge year 2016. This process is implemented through registration on the www.WAReferees.org website. There is no action taken by the member to initiate the checks other than clicking on a mandatory (to proceed) box at login. Should there be any members who opt out of the checks, they will not be registered.

At least for badge year 2016, there is no cost to the members. Cost to the WASRC is $3.50 per check. We recognize many members may have already paid for and passed the Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) RMA process. However there in no way to carry that information over to the www.WAReferees.org system. The result of this is that the WASRC will be re-running some of the same background checks (via BackgroundChecks.com) as WYS.

It is the intent of the WASRC to have all members subject to checks cleared by Jan. 01, 2016. We do have a catchup effort to go back and get those already certified for 2016 before this policy and process was turned on.

What this means – Jan. 01, 2016 and on…

ALL members shown as registered on the www.WAReferees.org system PLUS those exported to RidgeStar and Arbiter (2016+, as 2015 will have expired) subject to checks will have passed the WASRC checks. As assignors, you can be certain all such members have had / passed WASRC background checks and are both currently certified by US Soccer and a WASRC member in good standing.