How to Recertify (Referees and Referees Advanced)

This "How To" will explain how to recertify for the following registration year if you are a Referee and Referee Advanced in the State of Washington.

Please click on the below titles for information and instructions referred to by each title. For complete detailed Certification, Re-Certification and Upgrading Requirements by Referee Grade, click Here

Recertification Requirements (Summary)

- Click the title that applies to your last registration situation for applicable requirements.
- I was Last Certified in , or
If you were last certified in recertification clinics are available beginning July 01, , through mid-June, . You may not officiate games in unless you are certified for .

If you were last certified in or , you must recertify between July 01, and mid-June, to officiate in or . However, recertification material for Recertification Clinics may not be available until late October .

You have completed recertification when all your requirements for your Referee Grade have been met.
  • Pay Registration Fee(s)
  • Sign up for an "Online Only" recertification clinic.
  • Complete the Online Recertification training materials and embedded Recertification Test with a score of 80% or better
- I was Last Certified before
If you were last certified before , you must start the certification process over by signing up for a Lapsed Referee, Referee Advanced Clinic. This consists of an Online clinic and a Zoom meeting. You may begin officiating immediately after completing the New Referee Clinic.

Online Steps to Complete Recertification

The titles listed below will provide detailed instructions for completing your annual recertification. Click each title as needed.
Step 1: Log into WASRC Website
Click on "Login"

A) If you have an active account on WAReferees, enter your Username and Password and click "Login".

B) If you don't have an active account (i.e. you've never logged into before), then lookup your temporary username and password by entering your Last Name and your Birth Date in the Member Lookup section. Then click "Lookup".

You will then select yourself from the list of people presented by clicking "Select".

You will then be prompted to verify the email address that is on file. If it is correct an email will be sent to this email address which will contain your temporary username and password. If it is not correct, you will need to contact the WASRC office to get your temporary username and password.

If you still need help logging on, contact the WASRC office at or call 206-588-6051.
Step 2: Find a Clinic
Once you have logged onto the WAReferees website, scroll down until you find the "Clinic Reservation" section. Within this section you will see the clinics which you may reserve. Within the Recertification area, choose a clinic by clicking on the associated "Reserve Clinic" button.

Step 3: Pay Your Annual Registration Fee
Once a "Reserve Clinic" button has been clicked, the USSF Referee Registration Fee will appear in the Fee area. Click on "CHECKOUT: Click here to pay fees and complete your Reservation" to pay for your recertification and reserve you place at the clinic.

You may pay by credit card, debit card or by mailing in a check or money order.

Step 4: Take the Online Lessons
Once you've paid for your registration you will be able to take the Online Lessons required for recertification. You may complete the online lessons before or after the clinic.

On the Member Information page, scroll down to the Clinic Reservation section. There will be an "Online Lessons" button next to the clinic you reserved. Click this button to begin the Online Lessons. You may stop the lessons at any point between lessons and then pick up where you left off at a different time. It takes approximately 3 hours to complete the Online Lessons.

On a side note: If you need to transfer to a different clinic, simply click the "Transfer/Cancel Reservation" link next to the clinic you have reserved and you will be prompted to choose a different clinic.

There are a number of lessons that need to be completed. Click on the "Start the Lesson" button to watch a short video and answer questions about it. You may not skip through the video or you will not get credit for the lesson. If you miss any questions at the end of the video on the first try you will not get credit for the lesson. If you don't get credit, you will need to take the lesson over.

Please see the "Online Course Help" for more about taking the online lessons.

After each lesson click the "Push to Update Lesson List" button to refresh the page. If a lesson is completed correctly, it will say "completed". If it is not completed correctly, it will say "incomplete". To retake a lesson, click "Retake Lesson".

Taking Lessons Directly from USSF Website Will Not Work
If you don't use the WAReferees website to take the online lessons there is no guarantee you will get credit for taking the lessons.

Follow the Instructions

 - Read and follow the instructions or you may not get credit for the lesson.

At the end of each lesson you will be presented with the following. Click the "Close Lesson" button. This will close the tab in your browser.

Click "Push to Update Lesson List" to record the results from the lesson and to get access to the next lesson.

Completion of the Online Lessons

Once you have completed all the online lessons it will tell you so in the Clinic Reservation section of the Member Information page.

Badges and Registration Cards

Badges will be mailed to you 4-6 weeks after you complete your recertification.

It is alright to use your badge until you receive your badge. It is only required that the WASRC website ( shows you are certified for . Everyone will agree it is nice to have the badge, though.

If you would like a USSF Registration Card, you can print one from USSF's website. Follow these instructions. It is rare in Washington State to need a USSF Registration Card.

Requirements for WASRC Selection or Assignment to State Cup Games, State Tournaments, etc.

Referee and Referee Advanced may be required to complete some or all of the requirements below in order to be selected for State Cup games, State Tournaments, Out of State events, etc.
  1. Attendance at one or more "Qualifying Events" such as:
    1. Referee Development Academy (RDA)
    2. Regional Training Seminar (RTS)
    3. Other WASRC Sponsored training events such as Advanced Clinic, Founders Cup, Big Boys Tournament, Referee Development Team and "By Invitation Only"
    4. Regional / National events such as Presidents Cup, Far West Regionals, Veterans Cup, Development Academy
  2. Fitness Test
  3. Practical Evaluation (Assessment)