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Referee Instruction

The State Director of Instruction is responsible for developing an instructor network and overseeing the instruction needs of the State Referee Association.

How to Complete the Online New Referee Course

A "How To" page is provided giving you step-by-step instructions on how to complete the online course.
Click on the following link: How to Complete the Online Course Work for a New Referee Clinic to open the "How To."  It will open in a separate browser window so that you can follow the instructions while you complete the course.

Key Rules Differences for Referees

The following table is provided to assist you in interpreting and enforcing variations of the rules when officiating  USSF affiliated matches in the State of Washington and nearby Oregon. Please familiarize yourself with these variations.

Key Rules Differences for Referees to Remember (in USSF affiliated games)
Organization ==> WSASA WYS US Club Development
AYSO Oregon
in WA
Local Assns,
in OR
in OR
Issue  (Adult) (Youth) (Youth) (Youth) (Youth) (Youth) [Both] (Youth) (Adult)
Background Check (RMA) Required No Yes(1) No No No No(2) ???(3) No No
Show Coach (.etc) Cards? (4) No Yes No No No No NA No No
Concussion (5) No Yes(6) Yes(6) Yes(6) Yes(6) Yes(6) NA Yes(6) Yes(7)
RMA Notes:
Note 1 - All referees, all ages, via WYS website
Note 2 - RMA only if Oregon vs. WYS team.  OR SRA says OR teams only play WA US Club team in WA and therefore believes no RMA is required for these games
Note 3 - The WASRC is not involved in RMA policy by Local Assignors, etc.
Referees, as independent contractors, will need to comply with organizational requirements, or not accept or receive assignments from these organizations
Cards Notes:
Note 4 - Card shown to coaches or other members of the Technical area who are members of a non-WYS but USSF affiliated team is a misapplication of the Laws leaving the game open to challenge
Concussion Notes:
Note 5 - "If in the opinion of the referee" makes a concussion a fact.  This opinion cannot be challenged by anyone
Note 6 - [Note 5 plus] Concussion disqualifies the player from the remainder of the game.  The team may substitute if substitutes are available
Note 7 - [Note 5 plus] U18 player in an adult game suffering a concussion disqualifies the player from the remainder of the game.  The team may substitute if substitutes are available

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